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Brightday is the world’s first posture software that helps people develop better sitting and standing habits, so they will look better, feel better, and be more confident. Read on to learn about upcoming Partnership Opportunities.



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Encouraging Behavior Change

Brightday is based on the research of posture expert, Jean Couch, author of The Runner's Yoga Book, and advisor to organizations like Kaiser Permanente, Stanford University and Google.

For over 25 years, Jean has studied the posture and movement of people all over the world who experience no back pain into old age.  

Brightday is revolutionizing ergonomics and the way people sit, stand and even walk. And it’s accessible to everybody. Get ready to develop good posture habits that will last a lifetime.
— Jean Couch, Posture Advisor for Google, Kaiser Permanente and Stanford University
Before Brightday I didn’t even know that I had a pelvis or that I could actually sit or stand comfortably. So cool. You should see how much I correct myself nowadays.
— Christiane Schmidt, Business Owner in San Francisco

What Sets Us Apart


The software uses computer vision, augmented reality and machine learning technologies to examine movements in real time. Brightday monitors and gives feedback to correct your standing and sitting posture via the computer’s camera without recording the user.