We help you develop better sitting and movement habits.


Did you ever work at a computer or find yourself haunched over? We bottled the genius of our amazing posture and movement advisors into one convenient software that delivers their knowledge in daily bitesized nuggets to you, plus you get real-time feedback, so you can stay focused on work as we help you to stay energized.

How does it work

We unlock super short (max 30 seconds) videos for you that share all the secretes of how to sit and stand better. Then we allow you to monitor yourself for 15 minutes while you get back to work. At the end you find out about your tendencies - how you lean or slouch. This awareness allows you to get into better habits over time.

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Our end of session analysis highlights your tendencies and helps you develop better habits during your crazy work-day.

We are revolutionizing ergonomics.

Our secret? We focus on you. It is important to use a great chair and desk set-up, but it does not guarantee that you sit or stand better. In the end it is about how you behave. If done right and you built your awareness, you can sit and stand well anywhere.

That’s why you will learn with Brightday to…

  • Sit and stand in a variety of comfortable positions

  • Build awareness of your subconcsious tendencies

  • Correct yourself without interrupting your work-flow

  • Schedule Brightday help when it suits you best

Start with our 10 day 15 minute program and get the benefits of sitting better and moving more!

We use computer vision, augmented reality and machine learning technology to help you feel better and more energetic. It sounds like self-driving cars and high-tech, but it works with any standard computer past 2012. And no worries, it is not connected to the cloud and nobody is watching you from anywhere. Brightday runs locally on your computer without transmitting or saving any images or videos. We use the camera during the 15 minutes just like a 3D-sensor to guid you back into your balanced position. And you are in control of when you start, stop or pause your session.

Our posture and movement specialists have studied cultures from around the world that can sit and stand for long periods without experiencing back pain, and well into old age. They helped thousands of people from doctors in hospitals to employees at Google over the past decades. And now you are getting access to their knowledge.

These are two NPR Morning Edition segments featuring our advisor Jean Couch: