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video 1 | Overview


HOW TO SIT - THE whole process



First, how to get out of the chair to sit your pelvis down in an upright position, so your spine sits balanced on a good foundation. Scoot back in your seat, use the backrest to support you and roll your shoulders one at a time gently. Don’t force yourself to sit upright. Relax.



video 2 | Your Foundation


The pelvis



Focus on your pelvis. It is the base, the foundation of your spine. You never want to sit on the back of your pelvis. If you slouch, the first thing to do is, get up a bit and scoot back in your chair with the front of your pelvis pointing down. That is how extreme it will feel like. Then lean against the backrest of your chair and enjoy how it is supporting you in holding your pelvis upright.



video 3 | Shoulder & Back


Fixing your Shoulder & Back Adjustment



Adjusting your pelvis sets your foundation. But you also don’t want to overarch your back or leaning forward crawling into your monitor. It is best to relax your back, drop your chest a bit and roll one shoulder at a time up, back and down. Exhale and relax. Now you are sitting with your bones holding you instead of tensing up your muscles.



video 4 | Desk Setup


Keyboard, mouse, monitor


It is important to move the keyboard and mouse towards you. So you don’t reach for them and start leaning forward. To stay on your pelvis, lean back and relax, roll your chair closer, get your keyboard right above the top of your thighs and the top of your monitor right under your line of sight. Roughly 24 inches (an arm-length) away.



video 5 | RECLINING


Reclining from An Upright Pelvis


It is important to understand that reclining is not a bad thing. Rolling your pelvis back bending your spine is what damages your disks. But you can recline from your upright pelvis. Yes - reclining is a good position as well - if done right. Pay attention how the pelvis stays up and the back reclines pointing upward. Intelligent sitting is not about being stuck in one position all day.