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Biggest Tip To Sitting Well - Pelvis Upright


ESSENTIAL (0:08 sec)
If the foundation is off, everything is off. So, push your butt all the way back into the seat. Keep your pelvis (hip) upright, almost tilted forward and stack your spine on top in balance.

How to Set Your Foundation - Pelvis


ESSENTIAL (0:10 sec)
Set your foundation right. Again, push your butt all the way back into the seat. Keep your pelvis (hip) upright, almost tilted forward. Stack your spine on top. Be in balance.

Let The Floor Support You


ESSENTIAL (0:09 sec)
Adjust your chair height so your feet rest even and flat on the floor to support you.

What Are You Doing With Your Arms?


ESSENTIAL (0:07 sec)
Try to hold your arms out in front of you for a while. Exhausting, right? Keep your elbows under your shoulders and your wrists below your elbows.

Pay Attention To Your Upper Body

ESSENTIAL (0:12 sec)

Roll your shoulder one at a time up, back, down and exhale to relax your chest.

Watch Your Head and Upper Body


ESSENTIAL (0:15 sec)

Pull your chin to your Adam's apple and your ears over your shoulders.

5 Tips For Your Hands


ESSENTIAL (0:13 sec)
Keep your hands and fingers cupped (slightly rounded) and your wrist straight. Don't tilt your hands up. Try tilting your hand up and wiggle your fingers - it’s exhausting.

Only 2 Ways to Keep Your Legs Relaxed


USEFUL (0:07 sec)
It is easy. If you can see both your ankles, your legs are aligned and can relax without being stressed.

Your Head Is Heavy But Can Feel Light


USEFUL (0:07 sec)
Like your arms, if you hold your head out in front of your spine, it gets very heavy and tightens your neck muscles.

4 Tips To Sitting Relaxed in Your Bones


USEFUL (0:12 sec)
If you sit on your upright pelvis and stack your spine you can actually just roll your shoulders, drop your chest and relax for good posture.

A Tip For Working On Your Couch


USEFUL (0:10 sec)
Sit on your couch or bed? It is probably too deep and your pelvis rolls back, collapsing your spine. Put some cushions behind your lower back and let them keep your pelvis upright.

3 Tips To Position Your Keyboard


If the keyboard is off to the side your spine will twist causing lower back and neck pain. If it is too high it will raise your arms. If it is too far it pulls you forward or sends your arms forward.